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About Cornerstone Support


Cornerstone Support is the premier licensing service provider to the collection industry.  Since our inception, we have provided licensing services and compliance support to over 1000 collection agencies, debt buyers and attorneys.  We are professionally staffed and trained to assist you with all of your state licensing needs.

Turn the details over to us
The back-office task of state licensing and registration is our front-office.  We realize that your time is best spent on the moneymaking ventures of your business.  In allowing Cornerstone Support to take care of your licensing needs, you can be assured that you are compliant in every state without the stress of managing every detail.

Experienced licensing professionals
State licensing can be a complicated administrative ordeal, as most states have very different statutory regulations and application requirements.  Whether you have just opened your doors, are looking to expand or are an established agency, our full-time licensing professionals will develop, implement and maintain the appropriate licensing strategy that protects both your agency and your clients.  Our licensing specialists continuously monitor the state regulations concerning licensing and will keep your agency up to date on important changes in statutory regulations and application requirements that effect your state licensing.

How long will the licensing process take?
This process can be extremely time-consuming and complex.  No two licensing projects are exactly the same but a good benchmark is to allow 120 to 180 days to be fully licensed.  Cornerstone Support’s continuous dealings with each state’s licensing department allows us to understand the particular nuances that help our clients avoid certain pitfalls that can stall the licensing approval process - so you can begin or continue collecting as quickly as possible.

  Call us at 1-888-445-8660 or email info@cornerstonesupport.com to discuss the details of your business and see how Cornerstone can support your overall compliance strategy.  

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